Termite Damage is A Serious Problem in Real Estate Investment!

Termite Damage is A Serious Problem in Real Estate Investment!

As a seller you should be very clear about the bad effects termite damage can cause on your profit in the real estate business. As a buyer you should be very clear about the risk you are getting into a home with termite damages. In any case, in the real estate field, termite damages are cause of great worries.

In most of the cases of sale, the buyer will be assured that the seller will treat for the termite damage, which can cause about $1, 000 or little more. In some other cases the seller may offer the buyer the expenses for the treatment for termite damage. It is true that with this simple treatment technique, termite problem could be solved temporarily. But remember that you will be staying in a house with a history of termite treatment.

<b>What about the damages, which had been done for the structure by the termites?</b>

If the structure is damaged, it will call for multitudes of thousand dollars to repair it. Then why do you want to go for such a home?

So it is imperative to have a proper assessment of the termite problem in the home before starting the process of purchasing it.

When we consider the termite damage, some faults may be visible and there will be many damages, which are not visible. You may have to put much effort to identify all the damages by the termite. You may have to remove carpets, rugs, furniture and appliances. Walls and ceilings could be opened and in some cases you may have to undertake some excavation process to identify the severity of the damage.

Even with all the above efforts, you may not able to assess the damage by termite in the full level. In this situation, you may have to go for destructive or invasive testing techniques. There are many qualified contractors and specialists to carry out the perfect assessment of the gravity of the problem. It will be a costly exercise, but this will be the only method to find out the damages and also to assess the cost involved in the repair.

I will advice you to get the full history of the termite treatment and repairs carried out on the home before the sale process is initiated.

If you suspects termite problem, you should carry out all types of testing to assess its full gravity. Many termite assessment companies are out there for you to help in assessing the damage caused by termites. You have to necessarily do proper inspections before getting into trouble of buying an infected home.

After all, the termite infection to a home is a very worrisome issue, especially if it is a log home. You can ask the contractor to assess the problem and to give a document stating the status of the structure and the severity of the termite damage. If you know that the home you have been spotted had a past history of termite infection, make sure that the structure did not get damaged.